Automotive and Rims

We can add a bit of color to most low heat bearing, metal automotive parts. From brake calipers to intake manifolds to even various pipes and brackets, Optimum Coating has the finish you need for that show winning look. Give us a call today and ask how we can help your ride.

Automotive Powder Coating Applications:

  • Valve Covers
  • Intercooler Pipes
  • Engine Mounts
  • Cold Air Intake Systems
  • Brake Calipers
  • Brackets
  • Subframe Elements

Wheel Powder Coating

We are a one stop shop for powder coating your wheels. Whether you are looking to black out your factory wheels, or looking to powder coat your aftermarket show stoppers, Optimum Coating has the experience and proper knowledge to provide the ultimate finish.

The wheel powder coating process:

Remove Wheels

In order to powder coat your wheels, they must be taken off of the vehicle. This allows a smooth, even finish to coat the entire wheel surface. This will ensure the complete application of the color and prevent future corrosion.

Dismounting Tires

In order to begin powder coating, Tires must be separated from your wheels. Although this may sound simple, extreme care must be used when removing the tires from your wheels. Here at Optimum Coating we have the equipment to properly separate tires from your wheels to guarantee that your wheel remains undamaged.

Stripping and Sand Blasting

Regardless of the current condition of your wheels’ finish, it will need to be stripped down to bare metal to ensure proper powder coating adhesion.

Your wheels will be cleaned of road grime and brake dust and stripped of any paint or coating, and then sand blasted to create what we have found to be the idea profile for powder coating.

Powder Coating Wheels

Once the wheels are prepared for applying powder, they are electrically grounded and the powder is electrostatically charged. The charged powder is then suspended on the wheel until curing.

After application, the wheel is then moved into an oven and cured at 400 degrees for a specific time according to the wheel’s mass and specific powder material requirements.


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