Automotive Parts

From wheels to valve covers, Optimum Coating overs a wide range of automotive powder coating needs.

Ornate and Decorative Restoration

From HVAC to antique metal bed frames, Optimum Coatings can restore and preserve your decorative items for years to come!

Awards, Promotional and Specialty Items

From custom display booths to custom awards, we have a coating solution that will bring the sharpest color to your application

Industrial Parts Coating

From 1 to 1000 items, we can apply a long lasting finish for corrosion resistance and durability for your industrial application

Structual Equipment

From decorative atrium metal work to stairway railings we have can apply lasting finish for corrosion resistance and durability for your application

Quality Powder Coating in Wisconsin starts with an “Optimum Powder Coating” solution!

The term “Powder coating” refers to the finishing process you can apply to metal, that makes it far more superior than alternative finishes like paint. Powder coat offers greater durability, impact resistance, and improved wear characteristics in comparison to other finishing options. Powder coating is used in a variety of different applications from wheels and automotive parts to bicycles and industrial applications. For more information or to request a quote on our services, please click here!

Automotive Parts and Wheels / Rims

- Valve Covers
- Engine Mounts
- Cold Air Intake Systems
- Brake Calipers
- Brackets
- Subframe Elements
- Wheels & Rims

Specialty, Ornate and Decorative Restoration

- Corporate and Sporting Awards
- Specialty 1-Off Coating
- Informational Display
- Product Display
- Restoration
- Home Improvment

Structual and Industrial Parts

- Metal Stamping Coating
- Manufacturing Finish Coat
- Fabrication Finish Coat
- Railing and Structural Coating

What does "Optimum" mean...

When it comes to your product or application need, we strive to provide the highest quality and greatest degree obtainable coating to make your product look and feel its best. From the right amount of powder coating to the extra time needed to bake and harden the paint, we provide the "Optimum" solutions for your Powder Coating expectations.

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